The Center for U.S. Policy (CUSP) is a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit research and education organization dedicated to enhancing the health, safety, and economic opportunity of all Americans.

CUSP’s 2022 issue priorities include substance misuse, mental health, justice reforms, coronavirus public health emergency response, and economic recovery.

We pursue our mission by conducting research and analysis; formulating policy proposals; educating professionals, policy makers, and young people; and increasing public awareness.

In conducting our activities, we strive to focus on facts and to engage respectfully with people whose ideas and opinions differ from our own.

We pursue our mission through the following activities:

Researching and analyzing legislation, regulation, enforcement activity, litigation, and other current events

Developing economically sound, legally practical policy proposals

Educating professionals by presenting at conferences, conducting webinars, and writing articles for publication in academic journals

Informing policy makers and stakeholders by publishing issue briefs and participating in briefings and panel discussions

Supporting charitable and educational organizations whose missions align with ours

Sharing knowledge and providing strategic recommendations

Serving on advisory and editorial boards

Providing mentorship, research support, and networking opportunities for students and young professionals

Increasing public awareness by explaining and commenting on current events through news outlets, social media, and our website

The Center for U.S. Policy 2019 annual report is available for review and download below.

Our work is premised upon and promotes these values:




We envision a society with the following qualities:


A commitment to mental and physical health


Economically strong, socially connected, and safe communities


A justice system with rehabilitation at its core


Public policy that recognizes the responsibilities and advances the rights of individuals

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