Through our initiatives, we provide programmatic and policy leadership to advance innovative solutions to some of our nation’s most pressing issues.

In an era of heightened regulatory and law enforcement scrutiny, the Prescriber Safety Initiative helps health care professionals be safe and feel safe while treating individuals with opioid use disorder and other conditions that may require controlled medications.

This resource equips stakeholders implementing and enhancing warm handoff programs and communitive paramedicine programs with timely news, legislative and regulatory updates, and best-practice recommendations.

This initiative advances policies to provide individualized health care to people with pain, substance use disorders, mental illness, and other conditions, including individuals who are incarcerated.

The Center for U.S. Policy’s Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Initiative seeks information from the DEA on former controlled substance dispensers’ requests for registration reinstatement, and the DEA’s responses to such requests.