Marsha Stanton,

PhD, RN, Advisor

Marsha Stanton, PhD, RN, is President of the International Health Facility Diversion Association. She is a registered nurse with a PhD in Health Services Administration and Education. Her career has spanned clinical practice, program development, health professional education, publication planning, alliance development, advocacy for both patients and professionals, and legislative engagement. Dr. Stanton is nationally known for her work in pain management and the disease of addiction. She has published and presented in these fields on numerous occasions.

Dr. Stanton has served in leadership roles with the American Society for Pain Management Nursing, Intermountain West Pain Management Nurses, American Society for Pain Management Nursing Southern California chapter, Academy of Integrative Pain Management, American Academy of Pain Medicine, and Pain Management Education Consultants.

In Dr. Stanton’s industry positions, she was responsible for professional education of healthcare prescribers and others, including consumer and community programming at the international, national, and regional levels. She is a recipient of the Distinguished Service and Lifetime National Advocacy awards from the American Society for Pain Management Nursing, Educator of the Year awards from the American Society of Pain Educators and the National Association for Drug Diversion Investigators, and the Distinguished Service Award from the American Academy of Pain Medicine.