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Bill Would Ease Restrictions on OUD Treatment

November 18, 2021

A bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives would loosen federal restrictions on access to medication for opioid use disorder. The Improving Access to Care and Treatment (IMPACT) Act would increase the amount of time prescribers may store long-acting injectable (LAI) buprenorphine dispensed from a specialty pharmacy for administration to their patients.

ONDCP Announces Model Opioid Litigation Proceeds Act

October 21, 2021

Today, the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) announced the release of a model law for state legislatures that would help ensure opioid litigation proceeds are directed to addressing substance use disorders and drug-related harms in impacted communities and with public accountability.

Mississippi Law Violates Women’s Privacy, Autonomy

September 29, 2021

Mississippi’s ban on nearly all abortions after 15 weeks forces women to carry pregnancies to term under adverse circumstances and increases the risk of maternal mortality and other health problems, according to a public health  amicus brief filed in the United States Supreme Court on September 20.

“Not all health care professionals subject to the DOJ’s searches and seizures are ‘dirty docs.’ In fact, some of them are nationally recognized leaders not just in pain management, but also in addiction medicine”

A More Sensible Surge: Ending DOJ's Indiscriminate Raids of Healthcare Providers
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New users of syringe services programs are five times more likely to enter drug treatment and three times more likely to stop using drugs than individuals who don’t use the programs via @CDCgov

Thank you to @RepDean, @RepSpartz, @RepMGS, and @RepFitzpatrick for leading U.S. House efforts to increase access to individualized treatment for #opioid use disorder. #MOUD #14to60 https://dean.house.gov/2021/11/reps-dean-spartz-scanlon-and-fitzpatrick-introduce-the-improving-access-to-care-and-treatment-impact-act

We especially appreciate the emphasis on #compassion for people with #addiction and those who love them. @HHSGov @ONDCP https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-admin-overdose-prevention-strategy

Congrats to @PADrugAlcohol Sec. Jen Smith, recipient of #NASADAD nat'l service award. Under @GovernorTomWolf & Sec. Smith, #Pennsylvania has set a nationwide example by implementing emergency dep't #WarmHandoff programs in 95% of hospitals. 👍👍https://www.connectradio.fm/2021/10/17/pa-drug-and-alcohol-secretary-awarded-national-service-award/

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