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Individual Stories Underlie Addiction

September 12, 2022

In this review of the Hulu series Dopesick, CUSP Senior Fellow Lynn R. Webster, M.D., and journalist Hazel Shahgholi discuss the show’s hype, inaccuracies, and perpetuations of stigma and stereotypes surrounding substance use disorders.

Statement on Supreme Court Decision in Ruan v. U.S.

June 27, 2022

Washington, DC – Today, the Center for U.S. Policy published a statement in response to the unanimous decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in Ruan v. U.S. In the statement, CUSP’s chairman explains why the ruling is good for patients as well as substance use disorder and drug poisoning prevention.

The Supreme Court Is About To Affect Every Prescriber in America

May 5, 2022

In this Journal of Opioid Management op-ed, Center for U.S. Policy Senior Fellow Lynn Webster, M.D., and co-authors explain that state licensing boards and civil lawsuits, along with the federal government’s administrative framework, are more appropriate forums than federal criminal courts when dealing with questions surrounding medical care.

“Not all health care professionals subject to the DOJ’s searches and seizures are ‘dirty docs.’ In fact, some of them are nationally recognized leaders not just in pain management, but also in addiction medicine”

A More Sensible Surge: Ending DOJ's Indiscriminate Raids of Healthcare Providers
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Following the SCOTUS decision in Ruan, the @TheJusticeDept dropped criminal charges against several defendants for the unlawful distribution of controlled substances in United States v. Rattini. See a copy of the order here: https://www.thehealthlawfirm.com/uploads/rattini%20order.pdf

Our thanks to the not-for-profit @PainNewsNetwork for reporting on this tragic outcome of bad federal policy. Questions of medical need and patient care must be handled by licensing boards, not law enforcement. https://www.painnewsnetwork.org/stories/2022/11/9/dea-suspension-of-doctors-license-leads-to-suicides

A #ChronicPain patient and his wife died by suicide this week after their doctor's license to prescribe #opioids was suspended by the #DEA. #cpp @DEAHQ @DOJPH @CDCDirector @CDCInjury #opioidhysteria https://bit.ly/3UroLp0

The Knox County (TN) Health Department is reporting an unusually high number of overdoses for Nov. 1-3. In that 48-hour period, KCHD officials said the county saw 32 overdoses. Thankfully, none of the overdoses were fatal.

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