Alex Cahana, M.D., DAAPM, FIPP, DPhil, Advisor

Alex Cahana, M.D., DAAPM, FIPP, DPhil, is a member of the advisory board for the Center for U.S. Policy. Dr. Cahana is Head of Healthcare and Blockchain Consulting at Genesis Block, where he works to help individuals transform themselves from passive health service consumers into active, self-sovereign health and wealth producers.

Dr. Cahana frequently advises nongovernmental and governmental agencies on policies to enhance physical and mental health, improve pain management, and reduce opioid-related deaths. He has served as a subject matter expert for the Department of Defense, the Veterans Health Administration, the NFL Players Association, and the Institute for First Responder Wellness. Dr. Cahana consults with national and international companies, start-ups, and investors, offering big-picture, cross-disciplinary advice; strategically assessing new ideas; and designing disruptive solutions in healthcare.

Dr. Cahana is a Professor in Science, Technology and Health Studies at the University of Washington and has authored over 100 publications. A decorated officer in the Israeli Defense Forces, he has received multiple professional honors, including the American Pain Society Centers of Excellence Award; Joint Commission Best Practice Award; Association of American Medical Colleges’ honorable mention for innovation in healthcare; and University of Washington President’s Medal for remarkable leadership, social impact, and public service.