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FDA Denies Citizen Petition to Protect Patients

August 3, 2023

Inside Health Policy covers FDA’s denial of CUSP’s Citizen Petition urging the FDA to recall a software that influences the prescribing of controlled medications.

FDA Denial of Petition to Protect Marginalized Patients

August 1, 2023

The FDA has denied CUSP’s Citizen Petition aimed at protecting patients from being deprived of the prescription drugs they need.

FDA Should Recall Software to Protect Patients

July 22, 2023

Axios reports on CUSP’s citizen petition asking the FDA to recall a widely used clinical decision support software.

“Not all health care professionals subject to the DOJ’s searches and seizures are ‘dirty docs.’ In fact, some of them are nationally recognized leaders not just in pain management, but also in addiction medicine”

A More Sensible Surge: Ending DOJ's Indiscriminate Raids of Healthcare Providers
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