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“Not all health care professionals subject to the DOJ’s searches and seizures are ‘dirty docs.’ In fact, some of them are nationally recognized leaders not just in pain management, but also in addiction medicine”

A More Sensible Surge: Ending DOJ's Indiscriminate Raids of Healthcare Providers

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Pain Doctor on DOJ Settlement: ‘It Was Extortion’

October 23, 2019

CUSP’s chairman discusses DOJ’s treatment of controlled-medication prescribers in the current climate. “Detailed medical records are the only affordable way for a provider to prove his innocence — or at least make the prosecutor think twice about proceeding with criminal charges.”

Opioid Pharma Hatred Doing More Harm Than Good

October 13, 2019
CUSP’s chairman discusses anti-opioid sentiment and its impacts on patients with persistent pain. “Everyone is going to be anti-opioid these days—until they have a car crash that breaks their pelvis, or a loved one gets cancer.”

Lawyer Calls for DOJ To End ‘Indiscriminate Raids’ of Prescribers

July 25, 2019

In recent years, the DEA has been increasing the number of raids on prescribers. CUSP’s chairman gives more insight into this rising problem.

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Emergency nurse practitioner says, ‘To improve access to #opioid use disorder #treatment, initiate #buprenorphine in the emergency department’ https://t.co/8XgGCWKSvN

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