Michael C. Barnes, Esq., Principal Attorney at Sequel Legal, will speak and moderate in-person at the 2023 RX Summit. Barnes will participate in the following educational programs:

April 10: Moderating the “Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Large-Scale Stigma Reduction Campaigns” session, which will focus on how to reduce stigma associated with SUD, specifically examining how stakeholders at many levels across Pennsylvania collaborated to design, implement, and evaluate the nation’s first innovative, evidenced-based statewide SUD stigma reduction campaign, Life Unites Us. 

April 11: Moderating the “Digital Therapeutics: What They Are and How to Integrate Them in Addiction Treatment Workflows” session, which will discuss the emerging role of digital therapeutics (DTx) in the treatment of substance use disorders (SUDs), including co-implementation alongside telehealth solutions, to help address the barriers to effective delivery of neurobehavioral care.

April 12: Presenting the “All Hands, All Branches: Expanding Advocacy to the Judicial Branch” session, which will describe firsthand how participants can help deploy the judicial branch to yield SUD-related policy change. Speakers will make actionable recommendations for how Rx Summit participants can expand their advocacy into the judicial branch. 

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