Morris & Dickson, the fourth-largest drug distributor in the U.S., vows to fight efforts by the DEA to deprive it of its registration to sell controlled substances and opioids to pharmacies, hospitals, and health systems. If carried out by the DEA, this registration revocation would put the drug distributor out of business and may aggravate tight supplies of drugs, including pain medication.

Stemming from a DEA investigation of the company, the DEA announced it would revoke Morris & Dickson’s registration. The DEA had previously suspended Morris & Dickson’s license in 2018, but the company continued to operate due to the delay in making a final decision regarding revocation. 

Morris & Dickson states that it will continue its discussion with the DEA to keep its registration. The full impact of revoking Morris & Dickson’s registration is unknown, and it is not clear whether the nation’s three largest drug distributors would be able to take on additional customers.

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